Thursday, November 4, 2010


Finally, it comes to the end. My friends and I have successfully finished 14 weeks lecture for course ICT in Biology with Assoc Prof Dr Sopia Md Yassin . We have done 3 models for the following weeks. They are data logging, simulation, and modeling. From this entire model, I had learnt a lot of new things, especially about skill and techniques in teaching lesson by using ICT and courseware. Dr. Sopia had teaching us about how to make students thinking in creative way. Here are some discussions about my reflection towards this course.
Firstly, I want to give my perceptions for three important elements that have in data logging. There are Engage, Empower, and Enhance. For engage, it has to be related with activity that we do in daily life. With this method, we can generate fresh idea from students and make them to relate process that happen with things that they do in daily life. If the situation that we create is creative and interesting, it wills courage students to think and find the answer for those situation problems. Students are easier to memories it and more understand the concept in that topic. After they have thinking the way to solve the problem, it has continued with Empower. They have to conduct experiment that relate with the situation in Engage. So, it will give the answer and they can find the result in scientific way. When we did a thing, it will become easier to understand and memories it. For enhance, it make students to extend their ideas and to make them understand the concept about the topic that have been chosen in well. It also has to be related in our daily life so that students can understand very well and let them to think in logical way. For example, our group have chosen anaerobic respiration topic to construct all those three elements. With this method, it helps students to understand well and differentiate two process that involved in this type of respiration processes which are alcoholic fermentation and lactic acid fermentation. The values of implementing this model are students can leant in two ways which are in theory and practical. It will make them more to understand the concept that happen in any topics. The difficulties to implement this model are hard to find the daily situation that match with topics that we have chosen. When construct the Empower, we face the difficulties to use data logger courseware.
From those three models that we have done: data logging, simulation, and modeling, me as a students can overcome the problem in learning process by practicing them. In data logging, it is very useful for student to develop their concepts in topic that they have learnt. They can experience by themselves the answer for problems in enhance model. This also can give chances for students to apply the courseware that have been provided in school. In simulation, it is very helpful for students to make them understand the topic involving process or mechanism that happen. Students can visualize and this can help them to memories very well in addition understand it. In modeling, students can see the different effects that happen in different variable. It helps students to prevent from confusing their mind and let them see and visualize the process that happen.
There are some problems that might be students faced in integrating the use of all those models. Teachers have to learn and expert while doing all those models to prevent problems from occur. The limited and incomplete equipment and courseware also distribute problem and obstruction to occur. As suggestions, teachers want to be had to be ready all the knowledge and skill in using ICT and courseware that related in those models. The school side has to ensure that all those equipments are complete for teachers and students to run the models.
From my opinion, using technology and ICT in teaching lesson are giving much benefit to students for increase their understanding especially in Biology subjects. Based on our learning session in this course, we had experience by our own to handle data logging process and create our own idea to do simulation and modeling. All those things are very useful for us in the future for teaching lesson in school.